Gaming Audits

fact technologies services.

FACT Technologies is approved by a number of Regulatory Authorities to carry out specialized audits in line with every individual Authorities’ requirements.


All staff members participating in such audits have extensive knowledge and expertise in carrying out these audits and are vetted by the respective Authorities wherever required.

MGA – Systems and Compliance Audits

Remote gaming companies applying for a B2C or a B2B critical supply license with the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as already licensed companies which are adding a new gaming vertical to their portfolio of games, are required to undergo a Systems Audit. The audit consists of a number of tests on the front-end, back-end and technical setup, and are listed within the MGA’s System Audit checklist.


Licensed gaming companies are also required to undergo a Compliance Audit within the first year of being awarded the MGA license and whenever requested by the MGA on an ad-hoc basis. During a Compliance Audit, a detailed assessment will be carried out on the remote gaming company’s compliance, financial, technical, and player facing operations, as listed within the MGA’s Compliance Audit Manual

UKGC – RTS Audit

Remote gaming companies licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, are required to carry out an RTS audit within 6 months of being granted their license and on an annual basis thereafter. The RTS audit mainly focuses on a number of information security aspects that all companies are expected to comply with. The full list of requirements are listed in Section 4 of the UKGC’s Remote gambling and software technical standards.

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