IT Advisory and Auditing

fact technologies services.

FACT Technologies is able to provide a variety of services in order to advise your business on the use of IT and assist you in its setup and implementation, as well as in carrying out specific IT auditing of your systems and processes.

IT Risk Assessment

A specialized exercise is conducted to assess, evaluate, mitigate and help manage the risks, in order to safeguard information assets.


Project Management

Every project is managed to achieve all pre-set goals and objectives within the stipulated time and budget.


System Testing

Specialized testing is conducted to ensure that a system meets all predefined requirements and delivers value to the business.

Business Continuity Planning

A plan is devised to provide alternate business continuity in case of any disruptions to essential business processes.


Policy Writing

Compilation of a suite of policies based on best practice industry standards which reflect the organisation’s principles, rules and processes, also focusing on any applicable regulatory requirements.


IT Auditing

Assessing the quality and effectiveness of IT controls and ensuring that these support the overall business control objectives, thus protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information at all times.

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